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Ah, the NIT (Nell, Infinite, Tasty) cafe is located at near the new Woolim building! No.58 Seongsan-dong. :3

ooOooOoh haha gosh why don’t i know things like that OTL… I’m getting older… Sounds like a marketing tool for sure but hey why not if the coffee is good? I can’t say I’ll go though because I am an awkward egg lol

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Anonymous asked Hi Lotten,are you planning to go to NIT cafe?You may meet Infinite if you're lucky and I really wish you could meet them there.I've just seen photos of Sunggyu having his coffee at NIT so suddenly I remember you.Love you!!!

NIT cafe? I have no idea what that is and I highly doubt I’d ever run into Sunggyu anywhere hahah and aww gosh stoppppp >/////< <3

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You’re IN Korea?!

hahaha yeah

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9/25 photos of Sungyeol

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if you see me in walking around and if you recognize me then don’t hesitate on saying hi okay? 

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Who is the 'True Romeo'?

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Anonymous asked what made u want to learn korean? ... im guessing kpop right...

No, not at all. For those who have paid attention the last couple of months, heck all of 2014 basically I haven’t been as actively indulged in kpop as in the past. Yes there has been instances where I have had days or weeks where I’ve tried finding my way back to the same kind of involvement but in all honesty it felt less tempting especially since I was planning on coming here to study. I still love the boys dearly (all of them) and listen to kpop now and then but it is not and has never been my reason for coming here to study. The sole and real reason is that I needed to do something for me and challenge myself into breaking patterns and see how I function on my own without having my family and our situation in consideration. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to escape and move onto something new and different so now when graduating I finally managed to do just that. Me going to Korea to learn korean is about me and not about kpop. 

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every time I see this it gets reblogged

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petition to delete allkpop 

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