I literally just got asked out by a 40+ ahjussi I am dyInG hahahahahha omG

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Ask me things about Seoul, Korea and studies here :)

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140622 Incheon airport
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Just saw Girl’s Day was at Kyung Hee festival! ^^

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Namsan —  18:26  |  18:58

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Seoul : 1

Ok so, this is my fifth day in Seoul and I thought that I’d make a little post updating you about it all. Do not hesitate on sending me questions if there are things that you are wondering about and don’t feel that your question is too weird either. I’ll reply to EVERYTHING as good and detailed as I possibly can! So ask me here and I’ll make a post later on answering it all, 알았지?

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day 2 ; 바나나맛우유 ㅋㅋㅋ

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day 1 ; namsan tower

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day 1 ; bukchon hanok village

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Follow me on instagram if you want to be updated, i’d love to see and talk to you guys there too :’)

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Anonymous asked congrats on being in seoul!! u shuld upload pics or document ur experiences or smthn ><

I’ll keep my Instagram updated for sure! (lott__lott) ^^

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I’m in Seoul.

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