i just died and came back

i called the embassy (as friggen always ) forty times and when the girl picks ups she’s like “we don’t have any of your papers” and i literally feel my insides curling up to a knot of please-tell-me-that-you-are-fucking-kidding-me and then i start trying to tell her that i sent her the papers a week ago and that i was wondering when i could pick up my visa and just ———————————————

she wanted me to check the tracking numbers (which there basically are non because i sent it with a mail that is kind of specific and shits) and then i freak out and thankfully find a crumbled paper from when i posted the visa apply (which concludes my passport btw /vomits/) and then call her back and she’s like “i found them” and i want to pass the fuck out and then she’s like wow you’re leaving saturday thats so urgent and like —- YES I TOLD YOU THAT LAST WEEK WHAT THE HELL and then i pressure her into telling a exact time and date i can pick it up (two days before i am fucking leaving btw) and now i want to lay down and never move again my chest hurts 

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I’m currently at a party
I’m currently wishing I was in my bed reading fanfiction

… I should have seen this coming OTL

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i just booked the flight to seoul 

/////insert whale noises//////

… it’s less than 10 days left allow me to lay down 

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koreancurry replied to your post:i’m sorry i keep spamming you but

If you need to vent or talk to anyone I’m here for you :)


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i’m sorry i keep spamming you but i have literally no one to talk to bc life and just ugh…

so many things still need to be settled and all that is happening is that people send me around without giving any clear advice or answers and that stresses me out so bad… like we were on the fucking phone and she was like ‘email me about this instead’ … like we’re already talking and you are in your office and have everything in front of you and I’ve already explained that i have limited time regarding the visa issue and like??????????????????????????????????????????

and the other dude was like ‘what did we already send the residence information and paycheck?’ UM LIKE NO WHY DO YOU THINK I AM ASKING ABOUT IT FOR THE THIRD TIME?????? and with hangul proclamation day coming up leaves me with even less days since neither the school or embassy will work

and if i’m not mistaken i have to get up to stockholm to get my visa stuff in because otherwise i won’t be able to get my passport before fucking leaving and i don’t even know if i have that money yet and like… OTL OTL OTL OTL 

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i have to make a phone call and i feel like vomiting what the fuck is wrong with me

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yet a few steps uncovered on the path towards seoul… right now i am working +12h shifts in restaurants while hoping i won’t miss my dog too badly once i’m gone… i hope that you guys are all okay ♡

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whenever i see naruto posts i think of lotten bc of her naruto+ramen era

i inhaled ramen as i sobbed over the uchiha brothers 

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9/25 photos of Sungyeol

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Anonymous asked You must be the prettiest person alive. Yep.

No never. /dies/ Ugh… thank you though woa ;;

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