You are my center when I spin away out of control...

Light of my life, my sin, my soul, Sunggyu...
Anonymous asked: your art is absolutely gorgeous ;; what tablet do you use for digital drawing?

thank you ;;

wacom bamboo fun pen & touch

i’ve gotten a lot of messages recently and majority of them have been dealing with the whole “omg are you not an inspirit anymore? are you an exo stan now?

in all honesty it feels really stupid to talk about something so trivial and i don’t know dumb and make it sound like it is a big deal when something so tragic has happened… it just… bothers me… and it also bothers me that people are doubting me as an inspirit just because i have drawn like 4 exo drawings and making it into some kind of weird competition between the groups “do you like them more now?” … like no, and no i didn’t become an exo stan “just now” i’ve been into exo ever since they debuted but only recently felt really inspired to draw them… but that doesn’t mean i don’t like infinite anymore, like… have you ever seen my blog and posts or????

ugh i don’t know, it’s just that the whole talk about people not being inspirits anymore is just plain dumb and in reality you can’t really measure how much someone likes something and especially not by putting it into some weird-ass comparison competition that make no sense nor is relevant and just i don’t know… why should people be restricted into only liking certain kinds of things and then be made into feel guilty???

just so dumb this rant is over and so is this whole conversation, there are better things to think and worry about such as the sewol ferry and all the passengers 

Anonymous asked: are you becoming an EXO stan? ): please don't go away from the Inspirit fandom


making another speed paint :)