You are my center when I spin away out of control...

Light of my life, my sin, my soul, Sunggyu...

i was laying down with my computer propped up against my legs and then it tipped and the upper edge of the screen slammed/sliced/destroYED the top of the bridge of my nose and now my face feels fucked. up.

Anonymous asked: this might sound really weird, but once we had to show our favourite potraits made by artists. bc i'm really fascinated by your drawings i showed my art teacher and my class some of your sunggyu drawings. every classmate was so amazed by your works especially after i told them that they were made not from someone famous, but actually from a a girl who simply enjoys drawing. my teach also said that with such a great talent you'll definitely have a bright future!

that’s like the most precious thing ever, wow thank you ;____;

Anonymous asked: you inspire me

this is the greatest compliment of all, there is nothing i’d rather hear… thank you, it means a lot to me

Anonymous asked: `At Shinwon mansion` is so awesomeeeeeee~

Haha yeah it’s really interesting with complex situations like that ^^

Anonymous asked: can you give a click-link? I want to read it now whatever it is :)

A it’s a Woogyu fanfic called At Shinwon Mansion ^^

Anonymous asked: are you still reading this story unnie??www(.)asianfanfics(.)com/story/view/633267/at-shinwon-mansion-angst-fluff-infinite-romance-sunggyu-woogyu-woohyun oh my god the last chapter kkkkk i am not spoling if you havent but you need to read it i know u talked about it before kk byebye

Yes I am haha though I haven’t seen that it was updated >///<  

There was a cliffhanger last chapter right? Ugh asdjfhasdkfa